Image of airport terminal

Yvonne J. Ruiz, President Ms. Ruiz is a licensed architect in the state of Virginia. As an architect, and more recently, in her position as a Regional Director of Facilities for US Airways, Ms, Ruiz has managed large- and small-scale projects for both the public and private sector. She has experience with capital improvement and bond funded projects, having managed all phases of such projects from development to implementation to completion.

As an architect, Ms. Ruiz helped to support the United States Air Force (USAF) as a member of the Facilities Plan Architect Team, where her contributions helped in developing the USAF Facilities Standards of Excellence Manual. Also, as an interior architect, Ms. Ruiz specialized in educational buildings. For example, she helped to design the first dormitories at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus, providing interior architectural and finish details and colors, as well as furniture selections.

After nine years in architecture, Ms. Ruiz joined US Airways as a project manager in facilities, eventually becoming a Regional Director. In this position, Ms. Ruiz managed a variety of construction projects including a $35 million, 100,000 square foot, maintenance hangar for the Airbus A330 aircraft and a $4 million, 25,000 square foot, International Club & Envoy Lounge, both at the Philadelphia International Airport. For both of these projects, as well as others, Ms. Ruiz was responsible for all aspects of planning and implementation from contracting with architects, engineers and contractors to the final installation of furniture and art work. She has also worked to plan and implement information technology upgrades at airports across the country, including those designed to improve operations.

Ms. Ruiz also has experience with transportation security. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, airport representatives across the country began to install explosive detection machines as part of new airport security plans. Ms. Ruiz worked with consultants, architects, engineers and technical staff at several airports across the country to identify and implement such security measures as baggage conveyor upgrades and security checkpoint equipment, as required by the Transportation Security Administration.

Currently, Ms. Ruiz is working on an information technology (IT) project, which involves the implementation of boarding pass scanners and self-service kiosks at airports. To date, she has traveled to several airports to survey existing conditions to include in her final recommendations for project implementation. She also is closely coordinating the work of multiple vendors (e.g., contractors, airport authorities, user groups and IT experts) to ensure efficient, timely and successful completion of the project.

Ms. Ruiz has a Bachelor of Architecture and a Minor in Sociology from Virginia Tech, and is a registered architect in Virginia.